Who we are

CodeBlu is consultancy and accelerator established by Aman Narain, former Global Head of Digital Banking for Standard Chartered.

Having led the turnaround from breakdown to breakthrough and created one of the world’s largest largest Retail, Private and Small Business digital banking franchises, Aman and a group of industry colleagues are now making their services available to anyone with an interest in transforming the financial services industry.

Whether you are a large multinational or a lean startup, we have the experience of dealing with a broad spectrum of industry players.


What we do

CodeBlu comprises of industry practitioners who are willing to offer their services based on experience solving real world problems across payments, product development, customer experience, channel migration, organizational design and building winning ecosystems.

CodeBlu is focussed on helping clients establish realistic goals based on knowledge and trust. Two primary ingredients we believe that reduce transaction costs and creates the headroom for our clients to transform the financial services industry. To achieve these goals we work on three activities with our clients:

Advise based on experience of transforming as well as critically learning from industry failures in financial services across over 35+ markets principally focused on Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Amplification of your ongoing digital initiatives to achieve maximum return on investment and create sustainable competitive advantages for your organization by being truly committed to a change agenda driven by digital.
Accelerating concepts and ideas, working with you whether you are a startup or a large multinational corporation, that will offer game changing and transformative capability and products by focussing on on commercial outcomes driven through design and engineering skills.

How we work





We are not a cookie cutter management consultancy that comes to you with preconceived ideas based on analogous examples from other industries and markets. What we do is listen, analyse, strategise and develop executable and creative strategies that we are committed to delivering with you, if you choose.


If you are interested in transforming your digital offering and seek experienced industry professionals who created more than powerpoint to drive change contact us. In the event we are unable to help you we will be proud to point you in the right direction.